Black Panthers talk about killing the white minority in South Africa

A broadcast on the New Black Panther Party is called ” Azania (South Africa) the return of an empire”

Read more here and here, to get an overview of their “Historic” South African visit. The trip was organised by the “South Africa Black Empowerment Mission“.

You are encouraged to listen to the broadcast here:

tshwane-panthers4The New Black Panthers are sponsoring an orphanage in Kliptown South Africa and up to date has raised $50.

King Zulu Shabazz, an African-American was a guest on the show, speaking from South Africa.

From the radio broadcast it was the typical racist talk of the devils and crackers all referring to white people. King Zulu Shabazz says that in South Africa and Zimbabwe he….“saw blacks ready to kill crackers and young people ready for revolution”. He said just talking and social activism won’t work. ..”If we don’t get out on the streets and start killing “Crackers”, they won’t think we are serious”.

He further informed his audience about the high rape scourge in South Africa and said: “…rape wasn’t in Africa until the white man arrived…”

King Shabazz also said about African-Americans in the US that had their language and identity “stolen” by the devils and mentioned that South Africa has eleven official languages ignoring to mention the fact that it might be a sign that nobody stole anyone’s languages in South Africa….
King Shabazz further had a go at some black gay’s he saw in South Africa which confirms the white devil forced their gay views on black people to act like women. Interestingly he used a “settler” word to refer to the gays by calling them “moffies”. 

Most of the broadcast is what is expected and consists of hate speech, racism and derogatory terms. He tells his audience: “Keep hating – we will keep motivating”

The bodyguards of the New Black Panthers in Africa is called “Sons of eBukhosini”

tshwane-panthersThe NBPP see “Azania” as their new motherland and want to market for more African-Americans to go there. Another trip is planned for around June 2014.

On the NBPP Website the following message was posted outlining the trip to South Africa and Zimbabwe: “A re-newed vision” and “directional change” were what’s needed to Prince Mathebulu (Commander Sankara) as he has seen the effects of the Post- Apartheid era first hand. This became the backbone to the entire tour and the motivation of the trip,  which spanned a total of 8 townships and provinces of Johannesburg, South Africa all the way to Zimbabwe to meet with leading officials, from the Zimbabwe African National Union – Patriotic Front (Zanu- PF party) led by the Pan- Afrikanist firebrand, President Robert Mugabe.  

The 8 person delegation from the United States(U.S.) consisted of high ranking New Black Panther Party Officials, All- African People’s Revolutionary Party (GC)  represented by Bob Brown, organizer with the Student Non-violent Coordinating Committee(SNCC) and Kwame Ture’ (formerly Stokely Carmichael), Pastor Ted Sutton, a Baltimore, Maryland based  youth pastor, founder of, “ The Ministers of Defense” a mentorship program that teaches about self-respect, decency, and curbing Black  violence among so-called gangs and finally a beautiful, bold,  Black woman,  from the Honorable Elijah Muhammad’s, Nation of Islam under the direction of  Minister Louis Farrakhan in Phoenix, Arizona, named Sister Khameelah Shabazz who has studied with the Muslims Girls Training Classes(MGT) since 1975.


The schedule was jam packed, and O.R. TAMBO or Oliver Tambo Airport, named after a former President of the ANC was the first port of entry into this monumental occasion.  From the moment the New Black Panthers and delegation stepped off the plane (piloted and stewarded by Black Africans) into the airport they were greeted and received, with the cheers and applause and embraces of love from our brothers and sisters of the PAC.”

Commander Prince Mathebulu (Chris Sankara) played a pivotal role in uniting the two Pan- Afrikanist organizations, the NBPP and PAC.  He says he stayed in communication with Attorney Malik Zulu Shabazz for “well over a year”, communicating going back and forth to get the every detail right.

“Members of opposing White parties threatened to do harm, it was clear the criminal settler racist, were vehemently, concerned with the apparent overthrow of the old slave Apartheid ways.  As the NBPP delegation and PAC commanders pulled into headquarters, the African’s were everywhere, stunned at the arrival of their long lost brothers and sister, who are now dressed in Black Battle fatigues, berets, and patches that read, “Freedom or Death.”

Malik Zulu Shabazz said the following when he met the PAC for the first time: ““The same rabid dogs that bite you, bite us too, we are one!” It was this attitude that set the tone or the entire tour”. Malik furthermore said:”Shabazz made it clear, “we strongly endorse President Robert Mugabe in the upcoming elections”, “to support this effort we will hold a major webcast within the next 60 days via our website ( and other allied sites.”


One of the PAC and Black Panther members are a “fan” of none other than Max Du Preez. Just proves that like family, you cannot choose your followers. Also a possible indication of how far left Du Preez’s politics go?

It will be seen if the NBPP can act on their words. South Africa is not the US and the belief is they need more than a two week holiday to realise that. Africa has a way with sissies…


  1. Pathetic beyond belief.

  2. Huntingdog says:

    If we have “stolen” everything why is the black militant posing with a shotgun and not a spear? Stay within your traditions – the “devils” developed those shotguns…

  3. Andre Viljoen says:

    What a load of absolute, rabid drivel. I am amazed that the idiots have the intelligence to breathe!

  4. Boerseun says:

    The best of all is that all these blacks uses FB, made possible by a WHITE MAN to cast their opinions, what a bunch of crackheads assholes!

  5. Penelope Greer says:

    This is just plain sick and yet our ‘president’ shines in his absence? They allow such violent people into our country and yet a peace loving man like the Dalai Lama was denied entry?

  6. White af says:

    Yet they are allowed to spread this message,to come into the country,the ANC “goverment'”silence amoounts to approval.I say,protest,trow rocks at the scum.

  7. Gerrit says:

    Ek het die gedeel met Carte Blanche en hulle is bereid om die storie lugtyd te gee as ons ‘n offisieele bron kan verskaf. Iets so belangrik moet iewers aangespreek word. Wat kan ons aan hulle verskaf ?

    1. Henri Le Riche says:

      Hulle kan alles offisieel van die webtuiste kry wat meen al die skakels om die foto’s en inligting te kry is hier. Of hulle kan my kontak:

  8. Zimmerman Victory says:

    Blacks kill White farmers and then starve to death like in Zimbabwe, and now the same thing will happen in SA. And they’ll probably ask Obama (i.e. white taxpayers) to bail them out. The way to deal with the NBP is the same way the white bikers did in Texas, but a little more violently this time. They want a race war, let’s make it happen.