Farm Attack Shootout: Woman fights for her life, wins shootout and kills robber

By Nic Andersen

A young gang member shows a gun and ammunition, in Bonteheuwel neighborhood in Cape Town, on November 17, 2012. The sandy, windswept Cape Flats is home to scores of rival street gangs who have carved up the gritty, poverty-ridden neighbourhoods into lucrative drug turfs, to be defended at all costs. On average a life is lost to gang violence every five days. AFP PHOTO/RODGER BOSCH (Photo credit should read RODGER BOSCH/AFP/Getty Images)

A woman has described her ordeal during an attack on her farm outside Vereeniging on Wednesday afternoon. The farm owner spotted two burglars in her garage, soon her own property became “like a war”.

News24 spoke to the owner who originally fired a few shots at the burglars and shouted for them to leave, things quickly turned into a shootout.

“The one listened and ran. The other started shooting at me and that’s when I realised there was trouble. I ran to my room to reload. Then he started firing at me in earnest,”

“I thought: OK, shoot as much as you like, because I’ll be back. I’m just loading my gun. I’m coming again. It was like a war.”

The women then returned and shot the man, who later died.

“He lay bundled up around the corner. I had fired three shots. I saw that he was struggling to get a grip on his gun and realised that I’d wounded him. ”

“He staggered into the veld.”

“I called security and they found the body in the veld. I’d shot him in the arm and the bullet had penetrated his body.”

Police confirmed that the attacker fired 12 shots at the woman. Workers on the farm are reported as saying that they recognised the man as “someone who has robbed them before.


The owner said that although she doesn’t feel safe, she remains defiant.

“You know, we’ve been living here for 23 years. Why should I move now? There are so many good memories.

“Now I can’t even walk around in the garden without my gun,” she said, the firearm lying on the table next to her.

Women in the area can not only be boosted by her presence, but also by her offers to teach women how to shoot. She says that martial arts simply “wouldn’t have helped at all.”

Source: The South Africa