Learning from Black People: Why South African Democracy is a Bad Thing

Learning from Black People: Why South African Democracy is a Bad Thing

I admire most black Americans. It is true that we have a thug culture here in America just like there is a thug culture in South Africa. Just like I don’t believe that most blacks in America participate in the thug culture here, I don’t believe that most blacks in South Africa participate either.  That’s why I believe that what Dr. Martin Luther King did for blacks in America can be repeated for whites in South Africa. It’s about getting as many people involved as possible to stop what is happening, and we can work together.

I know that there is a lot of bitterness and hate over apartheid. At the same time I understand that unlike the Jim Crowe laws in America, its purpose was to try and organize South Africa into a civilized society. That seems to be a predominant theme among whites no matter where you live in Western society. We have a desire to organize things so that they make sense. This doesn’t excuse apartheid. It was an attempt to solve a problem.

Sadly, from what I see, most of Africa, and I’m talking about the whole continent, seems to be committed to living in corrupt societies that just don’t work. It stems from a failed mindset that has been taught over and over and has become the norm.

Now that Communism has been introduced, there’s no ambition to really do anything. Communism has always been an epic fail because it takes self-interest out of the equation. My point is that until the African continent, and especially South Africa, learns to respect the rights of all, it will always be a continent of chaos.

Why Democracy is Bad

The ancient Greeks tried Democracy. Many other societies have. Israel prides itself on being the only democracy in the Middle East. The problem with democracy is that it often imposes on the rights of minorities. This is why civilized society needs republicanism.

America was founded on Republicanism. It is a true republic. Although the left has done everything it can to try and impose collectivism on our society, we still have republicanism. Every vote counts. The votes of minorities count, and everyone has a say. Every person counts. The reason it works is that there are checks and balances in place to prevent the government, and other people, from infringing on the rights of the minority as well as everyone else.

It is not a perfect system. The reason is that we have those who want to read into our Bill of Rights some rights that simply don’t exist. They ignore natural rights, like the right to life, in favor of rights that are not real rights at all.

It doesn’t mean this isn’t a system that cannot work, and this is the reason I believe that the South African Constitution failed. Although it has been hailed as being the most revolutionary political document in history, it’s a failure because it failed to protect the rights of its minorities. It failed because politicians found a way to circumvent it in favor of political gain and punishment for past perceived offenses. (This one made me chuckle. I doubt the people who wrote the South African Constitution had the intellect of those who wrote the American Constitution.)

Equality is a myth. Each person is unique, and we all have competing interests. That doesn’t mean that we cannot live in peace and work together. Each has the right to pursue his/her own destiny within the confines of the law and to be left alone. This is a fundamental right. True freedom isn’t the absence of law. Instead, true freedom is the ability to live in a civilized society with the most amount of freedom possible within the limits of the law. Those laws, however, must be just.

The Legacy of Dr. King

Blacks in America are in the same position as whites in South Africa: they are a minority. They will probably always be a minority, and one of the biggest reasons is abortion. This is a legacy from the left. This isn’t my point though. My point is that they are a minority, and yet, they have achieved equal rights. They are equal in the eyes of the law.

It may not always play out this way. Lack of education, lack of a correct belief system, lack of ambition. I can only guess at some of the problems here. What I do know is that their opportunities to thrive are far greater here than in any country in the world, even countries in Africa where they would be the majority.  Whites in South Africa are in the same position. They are in a minority society where they have a chance to thrive in spite of the circumstances.

When America fought its revolution, only two percent of the population participated. About 48 percent supported the Revolution, and the other 48 percent supported the British. The Americans still won. It is true that they had the help of the French. At the same time, it was a tiny colonial army of 15,000 people and some militia who took to the battlefield to win.

I hope that white South Africans never have to do that. I pray for a peaceful solution in South Africa that benefits all South Africans. I believe that most South Africans, black or white, just want a chance to succeed in life and live just like anyone else. It will require a major overhaul in thinking, a change in beliefs, and it will require a lot of organizing in order to make it happen.

What I learned from Dr. Martin Luther King though is what I believe is the answer to the problem. He started a movement. He was one person, and he didn’t know if what he wanted to do would succeed. What he did know was that the injustice had gone on long enough, and it was time to end the segregation and inequality that permeated American society.

The Legacy of Dr. King

I can only speak from our experience as Americans. Hopefully, in this, you will find something that is useful in helping you to find a peaceful resolution to what is happening in your country.

Organize. I’ve seen a lot of people standing on the sidelines. Those are the people who have been my harshest critics. Bitter, unhappy, miserable people who are looking for a convenient target to spew their anger on. Kick them to the curb and find those who are genuinely interested in solving the problem. It means setting aside differences. Why waste time on the petty and selfish? Stick to the issues.

Stick to the issues. Farm murders, white genocide, a horrible economy. These are things that can be solved. It’s silly to waste time on name calling and pointing out the perceived faults or make groundless accusations about your enemies. Even worse, it’s stupid to waste time pointing out the perceived flaws of those who are trying to help. Learn from the past and let go of it. What you learn will help you to solve the problem by avoiding what doesn’t work. Petty, jealous people sling stones. Ignorant people with little education shouldn’t dominate the narrative.

Stick to the facts. I’ve learned the hard way that lies can dominate the narrative when those who know the truth fail to stand up and speak the truth. My motives for helping have been questioned over and over. I am a veteran. I found out four years ago that veterans throughout the world have the same problems. So I got involved. It escalated into trying to solve the problems of South Africa. I still believe that the key to helping all South Africans is to help its veterans because they are a lynchpin of society. Help your veterans and you can help the rest of your society. Stick to the facts. Those who believe lies are living one, and they’re not worth saving.

Seek out those who are sympathetic to your cause. My experience with white South Africans in America is that they don’t really care. Too many have spent too much time working against me to put much faith in their ability to help you. That doesn’t mean there aren’t those in America that won’t help you. I got tired of fighting because I was fighting a two-front war. I was constantly having to defend myself from political attacks that took up so much of my time I didn’t have time to focus on the real issues: farm murders, white genocide, getting rid of Zuma. We have to stick together to make this work, and we have to stand up for each other. Don’t demand others help you if you aren’t willing to help yourself.

Speak the language of those you want to help you. What I mean by this is that it’s necessary to tailor the arguments for why we should help to the audience you are speaking to. Insisting we learn to speak Afrikaans or that our ideas won’t work when they haven’t been tried won’t win you any friends. As a Cold War veteran, I was won over on the issue of communism. I’ve seen firsthand the damage that leftist ideology can do. I pledged my life to defeat it. The same can be said for mothers, fathers, and everyone else you talk to. Find common ground to generate empathy. Emotional arguments backed by facts can win you a lot of supporters. Show them what’s in it for them. There’s a lot of satisfaction in just doing the right thing.

Answer the arguments of your opponents. Be the louder voice. Learn the lesson of Angola. The SADF won on the battlefield. They lost in the court of public opinion. Why? Because the ANC was able to communicate their message better than whites in South Africa. You won’t make everyone understand. You can dominate the conversation by speaking out. Public Relations is the key to beginning to win this thing. The Internet has leveled the playing field. The louder voice will win the day. The Founding Fathers of the United States had more to lose than anyone. They stood up because they knew the alternative was far more dangerous.

Get rid of the bitterness and hate. That serves no one, least of all you. Bitterness, hate, and unforgiveness are ego trips that bind us to our enemies. Cut the cord. Which is more important: solving the problems of your people or holding onto egos? I know many of you have been burned. Everyone gets burned in life. Suspicion of people who are trying to help just keeps the cycle of evil going. Don’t fall for it. Don’t allow a faulty belief system continue the cycle of abuse.

Don’t judge a whole group by a few people. This is something I see a lot, not just among South Africans but most people as well. Stereotypes never serve us. Don’t allow the wickedness of a few color your judgment about everyone. I sincerely believe that many blacks in South Africa are as frustrated by what’s happening as whites. They are heard even less. The worst part is that the government that claims to bring opportunity to blacks is robbing everyone in the country blind with their lies.

Have a common goal. Dr. King sought to end racial inequality under the law. One goal. He didn’t allow himself to get sidetracked by other issues. He built a movement, and he sought to get as many people on his side that were committed to doing the right thing on his side. Those who want to leave need to get together and work together. Those who want to save their country need to get together and work together.

Whatever the goal is, find one goal, stick to that goal, and then take action to make it happen. There will be resistance. Believe me. Those who live in fear because they don’t control you will give you resistance. Don’t fall for it. Stick to your goal. Rhetoric is only the beginning. It takes action to make it happen.

Seek political solutions that will actually work. Appeals to the UN won’t work. Why deal with the middleman? You’re dealing with an organization that doesn’t care. Kick them to the curb and go straight to the top. The most powerful man in the world is President Donald Trump.

Although I believe that apartheid would have ended on its own because it didn’t work, the U.S. Congress imposed sanctions on South Africa to end apartheid. Although the greater good here was fighting communism, the Congress believed that ending apartheid served a greater interest. Learn from history and learn from those things that worked.

Although I don’t believe that sanctions would bring about the desired result, educating the rest of the world, bringing this issue to the attention of President Trump, and having a clear goal is one way to solve this. Finding those who have common goals and working together to solve the problem will get results. There are plenty of obstacles. You solve those when you get there. Those who succeed in life don’t look for obstacles or make excuses before they try to solve problems. They solve the problem and deal with the obstacles as they go along.

What to Do

I believe a good first step is to decide on a goal and then petition the White House. We would need 100,000 signatures in 30 days and anyone can sign the petition. The only people that will see the petition is the White House, and they will not share it with your government. Anyone over the age of 13 with a valid email can sign.

Petition the White House

It’s up to you. I can only make suggestions, come up with ideas, and do what I can to make this stuff happen. It’s your country and your government, and all of you are the ones with something at stake here. If you’re not willing to fight to take back what is yours, you’ll have a hard time getting anyone, especially Americans, to understand why this is so important.

I know why it’s important: South Africa is the first to be eliminated. It is the pinnacle of Western Civilization in Africa. It’s only the beginning. These people are trying to destroy us all. Europe is next. If America falls, it’s over. The fight begins with taking back South Africa. If we’re not standing together to fight this one, I won’t stand and fight until they come for my country. Some things are worth fighting for. You fight, and you may die. You still have a chance to win. You don’t fight, and you’ve already lost. Which will you choose?