#MenAreTrash – Feminist Hypocrisy

#EndCulturalMarxism – A hashtag is making the rounds to get awareness for abused women. No problem up to that point. Any abuse is wrong, and i, like many other men will support such an initiative. Well abuse is not just against women, but anyone vulnerable right? Regardless of sex, gender, disability or race. So what do i have a problem then. Well let’s look at this hashtag to create awareness to help women? What does it say?

#MenAreTrash Yes, you read that correctly. Men Are Trash. Not some men, but ALL men. You too. (If you’re a man, or on your way there…)

No, the idea is not lost on me or other men. It is apparently to get people talking and create awareness. Yea right. And if you attack this hashtag to show it’s silly hypocrisy , apparently it’s because you agree with men that abuse women. Uh? Did i just enter a worm hole into the twilight zone?? Logic out the window faster than you can say beam me up Scotty. That’s left wing liberalism for you. They don’t think. They feel.

So You HAVE TO AGREE, that ALL men ARE TRASH with this Feminist slogan, or, you’re part of the problem apparently. School yard manipulation Bully tactics. That’s modern Feminism for you. Apparently acting like a thug, makes people respect you. Mmmmm. The only place Feminists must’ve got this twisted idea from, was male thugs, because real men, don’t act like thugs.

(And let me state. I have absolutely ZERO tolerance for the modern Feminist movement. I love and respect women and treat them as my equals. Feminism is an ideology, not a gender. Long past it shelf date and attracting anti-social behavior and rejects from society. Not just women btw)

So how does this help women, by generalizing men? Men I know, being one myself I won’t stand for ANY abuse if i know about it, or see it. Are there men that abuse women? Sure there are. Scumbags. You find many on Facebook too. The ones sending photos of their private parts as if that’s the best they can offer. (If you read this, man up. Or rather. You’re still a man-Child and part of the problem)

Do women abuse men? Yes, and though I don’t know numbers maybe not as much as abused women. Does it make it less abusive? No it doesn’t. We don’t know much of these figures, mainly because there is a huge shame surrounding this type of abuse concerning abused men. But regardless, how does ‘MEN ARE TRASH’ create awareness, other than being sensational and deliberate?

How will #WomenAreTrash help these abused men for example, other than turning those men further into laughing stock and shame.

This slogan is a feminist slogan and less to do about helping women, but for those who know Marxism and it’s tactics, more to do to emasculate men. The white privilege, white supremacy mumbo jumbo fraternity. Yawn…

Modern Feminism is a disease, and it’s infecting good people who doesn’t know what the end result is. Ignorance is bliss as they say. Useful fools pushing a bigger agenda unknown to them. An ideology that do tremendous damage to women and men alike worldwide.

I call on all strong women to stand up against Feminism (A Building block of Marxism). And there are many I know of. Survivors! Why?

Strong women who have Christian values, don’t need Feminism which is an ideology for victims. Weaklings.