The South African Police Force and South African government appears to be at least 80% corrupt. This is the conclusion we have arrived at as a result of information gathered over the past ten years during several in depth investigations. This figure includes those people who are corrupt because they misrepresent themselves as police officials while they are either unwilling or unable to perform their duties efficiently.

There are officials who are passionate about their jobs – who do their best to serve and make a difference – we salute you and pray God’s richest blessings on you.
The word ‘corruption’ is used to refer to many criminal acts, mismanagement and misconduct, it is even used where blatant criminal acts like theft and fraud, have been committed. The news is inundated with reports of corruption that occur in the government, as well as the private sector. Deputy president Cyril Ramaphosa, has said that “The reality is that the poor of this country has been made even poorer through the corruption that has been raging.” (Nicolaides, Aug 2017)

The German multinational software company – SAP – has admitted that it had paid bribes to different government officials. The Nkandla scandal is fresh in our memories, court cases are ongoing, and the arms deal has still not been resolved. Ongoing commissions of inquiry are struggling to make sense of the scale of corruption currently taking place.

We read and hear of escalating crime every day. The latest crime statistics indicate that the police and other authorities have completely lost the battle against serious crime. Police corruption and inefficiency is rampant. This inefficiency is the result of political interference in the daily running of the police. Corruption is a very serious crime and it undermines the justice that is needed to heal broken societies.

Incompetent persons are appointed in senior positions in the police as well as other important positions – this too is a form of corruption. A high percentage of police officials are not competent to handle fire arms – but are armed none the less – this puts the public at risk. Police corruption has resulted in many civil cases filed against the police and the simple truth is that the police cannot afford to settle these cases anymore.

A number of competent instructors and commanders in the police are frustrated with the quality of the officials that they have to manage and train. Some of them have even taken it upon themselves to do the work of their subordinates themselves. Because of nepotism, many trainees have been appointed to positions they are not qualified to hold – this form of corruption places the public at a serious disadvantage and undermines the reputation of the police force in South Africa.
This kind of corruption also means that structures like ‘crime intelligence’ cannot function efficiently. It is imperative that a suitable National Commissioner be appointed to lead the police and establish a suitable command structure. Competent recruits need to be appointed in the police force to combat crime and make South Africa a safer place.


  • Has an extremely qualified top structure
  • Is able to efficiently protect and serve all members of the public.
  • Each independent unit must function both separately and as part of the whole, so that units are assisted by each other when needed.
  • Is comprised of highly qualified specialized units each of which has an:
  • Anti-Corruption Unit
  • Crime Intelligence Unit
  • Crime Prevention Unit
  • Informants
  • Specialised units required for efficiency include :
  • Serious violent crime unit
  • Sexual offences unit
  • Drug investigation unit
  • Serious economic crimes unit
  • Political crimes unit
  • Endangered Species unit
  • Immigrant unit
  • Organised crime unit
  • Forensic unit
  • Judiciary unit
  • Task force unit
  • Visual policing unit
  • K9 unit


Dealing with each category of crime separately:

  • Farm Attacks
  • Cash in Transit / Heists
  • Hi-Jacking
  • Violent Burglaries
  • Kidnapping

Dealing with each category of crime separately:

  • Unit dealing with adult offences
  • Unit dealing with child offences
  • Prostitution
  • Brothels

Dealing with each category of crime separately:

  • Drug trafficking South Africa
  • Drug trafficking international to South Africa
  • Gangs / Syndicates
  • Drug lords & Kingpins

Dealing with each category of crime separately:

  • Cyber Crime
  • Money Laundering
  • Knocks & Scams
  • Misrepresentation, Fraud, Theft and Bribery

Dealing with each category of crime separately:

  • Bribery
  • Nepotism
  • Corruption

Dealing with each category of crime separately:

  • Anti-Poaching
  • Smuggling
  • Anti-Animal Cruelty

Dealing with each category of crime separately:

  • Human Trafficking
  • Illegal Immigration
  • Xenophobia


  • Consisting of a specialised :
    • Anti-corruption unit
    • Crime intelligence unit
    • Crime prevention unit
    • Undercover operations
    • Informants

Dealing with each category of crime separately:

  • Racketeering
  • All forms of organised crime

Dealing with each category of crime separately:

  • Forensic investigations
  • Forensic evidence
  • Toxicology
  • Ballistics
  • Analytical chemistry
  • Assisting the SAPS in all investigations as required

That help provide results by means of:

  • Specialise prosecutors and judges
  • Assisting in speedy prosecution process


  • Consisting of specialised :
    • Raids
    • Crowd control
    • Protection
    • Hostage negotiation

That help provide results by means of visual policing especially in high risk areas, and during events such as protest actions and marches.

K-9 UNIT  

  • Consisting of highly trained K-9’s
  • Assisting the SAPS in all investigations as required

We have interviewed many SAPS members
Herewith 5 unedited interviews:

Years of service in the SAPS?
39 years
Your opinion about the SAPS today?
The SAPS has totally weakened they are ignorant and unable to do their jobs.
Name the points of corruption that you have noticed is the SAPS:
• They ask for money for everything – bribery
• They are totally corrupted
• They take money to not prosecute people – bribery
• They take money for favours – bribery
• It’s like they have forgotten they already get a salary to do their job
• They have completely fallen into a corrupt relationship between themselves and the public and amongst themselves, threatening each other.
What solutions would you suggest?
It will take a while to get everything right again. The government will have a lot of work to restore this situation. First, they must have proper police management, they must appoint experts in key positions to root out the corruption. I am afraid that this problem has escalated to such an extent that it will take about 15 years to root out all the corrupt members.

Years of service in the SAPS?
23 years
Your opinion about the SAPS today?
Nobody cares about helping the public anymore. They are only interested in where they can “score”. They do not want to do the work and easily pass the work to the next person, they are only interested is in promoting themselves.
Name the points of corruption that you have noticed is the SAPS:
• It is everyone for themselves.
• They no longer have pride in their work and to help the public, they only look what they can get from the public e.g. money, help criminals by giving out information, promote themselves.
• The few who notice the corruption and make it known are stopped or blocked. They are sent to other departments to help out, for example: Helping at roadblocks on to the highway or they will say that you are incompetent to do your work, when you have new information there are always excuses.
• The dog units are falling apart. There is no longer any interest in working with the dogs. Therefore, the work for which the dogs are trained is no longer done.
• They would rather leave the dogs in the cars or in the cages and go out to see what they can do without them.
What solutions would you suggest?
They must bring back the special selection/screening of applicants and not just accept everyone. Thoroughly investigate their background to determine if the person has a record and if they are suitable to be a police officer?
Make sure the people applying have a passion for police work, it should not be just another job just for a salary.
They must be well trained and have enough experience to do their job.

Years of service in the SAPS?
31 years
Your opinion about the SAPS today?
At this stage the SAPS is in a very deep hole because of ignorance and unauthorized political appointments in core positions as well as members who have no discipline. The SAPS is certainly the weakest in the world compared other countries police departments.
Name the points of corruption that you have noticed is the SAPS:
• The corruption begins with the generals who appoint ignorant people, people who can be manipulated to execute orders without question and without taking into account their standing assignments.
• Corruption celebrates high tide in SAPS – members are in the pockets of the drug lords.
• There are police members involved in vehicle syndicates, truck hijackings, armed robberies etc. They also have lawyers and advocates working with them.
What solutions would you suggest?
To get the SAPS out of the deep hole will be very difficult with our current government body. If you rule a country through corruption, the corruption seeps through to the ground level. I do not believe there is a solution, not now, the ship has already sunk it is all one big mess.

Years of service in the SAPS?
30 years
Your opinion about the SAPS today?
There is a lack of pride in their work, inadequate practical experience especially with junior investigators and commanders who should give guidance. Negative attitude towards private investigators who are there to strengthen their hand and help solve cases successfully.
Name the points of corruption that you have noticed is the SAPS:
• Poor discipline
• Refuse to open new cases or do a proper investigation, following up on information that can help to get successful convictions.
• By failing to do so, their actions are definitely in violation of the law.
What solutions would you suggest?
The solution begins at senior level by appointing a non-political, honest National Commissioner who will ensure that well-trained commanders with sufficient experience are appointed.
These commanders should not hesitate to apply proper discipline.

Years of service in the SAPS?
25 Years Operational Service

Your opinion about the SAPS today?
Years ago, a person became a police officer because it was his passion. Money did not play a role, you performed a service from heart and soul. Every police man’s / wife’s desire was to be promoted to an officer in his / her police career. You could only be promoted if you had the years of service and the necessary ranks. No-one was promoted to a new rank if you did not have the necessary qualifications. That is the reason why there was proper “Command in Control”. The top structure knew precisely how to do their job and how to deal with any crime situation. There was respect for the Top Structure – always. He/she was a senior officer for a reason.

Most of the new members in the police are only there to earn a salary. He/she does not want to work later than their normal hours. If there is an emergency or crime scene shortly before knocking off time they do not consider it important to complete the crime scene investigation thoroughly. There are a few police officers who are still passionate about completing his/her work and a crime scene thoroughly.

It is mostly the new generation that do not want to work. Some of the “old” police officers are still motivated to do the job, but the younger the generation, the more negligent they become.
Today I can appeal to the public to open a fraud case at any police station. Most of the members do not know exactly what fraud is and the other person will immediately tell you that this is a civil matter. Reason is that they do not know how to open a fraud case.

There is no more discipline in the police.
Simple reason is that the standards of the courses and training are lowered in order to accommodate everyone. You must remember, if the default is weakened once and the members passed what happens to the standards of future?  The discipline and standard weakens by the day and the “grade” of police officers are getting worse.

It is therefore the main reason that more and more police officers are involved in crime. Poor training and discipline.
Drug raids are being conducted at the Police College today, at the heart of all training for the new generation. This has NEVER occurred in the past.

It can happen that a member of the public happens to be in a crime situation and probably had to use his/her firearm. Most of the police officers arriving on the scene taking possession of the firearm and handling the shooting incident do not even have the necessary competencies or qualifications. The member of the public is probably more educated in the necessary regulations that is required by the firearms law. How will the public know, because this type of information is withheld from the public.

Claims are made that over 50% of police officers who work out-on-street do not even have a valid firearm competency document.
There are Police stations with more than 150 members but only 15 of them do the shooting exercises and have a firearm competency document. The others work with all kinds of firearms but do not even have the necessary qualifications.
Most have not yet done their Use of Firearm training and exam.

Officers show up for shooting practise and during the shooting practice, he or she cannot even hit the target.
They must shoot rubber bullets on an A3 paper for evaluation but cannot even hit the paper. Rubber rounds do not even have a recoil.
Now HOW do these officers work on the streets and protect the community but cannot even shoot. What will happen during a shooting event?
Isn’t this type of misconduct corrupt?

This type of information is withheld from the public, WHY?
During any exercise you can see who is motivated and want to be a police officer and who is just there.
It is this type of “just there” officers that cause the entire police service to get a bad name.
Currently there is not enough ammunition for the firearm training to function. WHY?
Command in Control is the problem. Nothing else.

The idea that comes to mind is that some police officers will do anything they can to avoid shooting exercises that are of cardinal importance to them.
Everyone just does what he/she wants and if he does not want to go, no one will force him/her.
Command in Control again.

Police officers who have years of employment and who really want to do their jobs are influenced not to succeed by corrupt younger officers. WHY? Is it about corruption again?
Everyone is too scared to make a decision because you might lose your job. This is the general feeling that is currently taking place among these officers.
The Junior Officers nowadays have more rights and a bigger say than the Senior Officers. It is like the “chain of command” is disappearing.
Most of the young officers in the police do not even know what this term means.


Video’s about police corruption: 81ca5a64b7a954042f1ee5ab2/ files/473b2421-1cde-4af9-bf47- f6a677bc35bb/VID_20171025_ WA0042.mp4 81ca5a64b7a954042f1ee5ab2/ files/97887905-3912-49d9-af9c- e6a91bd650cf/VID_20171028_ WA0011.mp4

More photos of police corruption: 81ca5a64b7a954042f1ee5ab2/ images/08c28b75-d241-4557- ba4d-12e141a57ced.jpg 81ca5a64b7a954042f1ee5ab2/ images/f944a8b7-0cd2-4034- 94f0-5b01a42811b7.jpg 81ca5a64b7a954042f1ee5ab2/ images/7808b577-8a09-452d- 8cd5-ef4e9122ef1f.jpg 81ca5a64b7a954042f1ee5ab2/ images/d1c2c20e-b6dc-4f7d- b197-e8ebd24a01ed.jpg 81ca5a64b7a954042f1ee5ab2/ images/cd8afb27-64a9-4580- 9b69-f9e536707f5e.jpg 81ca5a64b7a954042f1ee5ab2/ images/557d941b-6ac6-4c3a- bc9c-1f3625f49584.jpg

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Nicolaides, G., Aug 2017. Ramaphosa-time-to-tackle- corruption-punish-those- responsible. [Online]
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