Why I wear my “racist” label with pride

F$^%& “Racism”. I’m a “racist” (Note. Inverted commas) and it rolls off my back like water off a ducks back.

You would be surprised how many did not read the article, but just looked at the subject line and immediately deemed it as “racist”. In other words, they “Ass”-sumed. It is also these racial conditioned people that should read this whole article and watch the video’s, especially the social experiment video at the bottom how people react to racism, depending on the victim.

So why would I make such a controversial statement? Let’s start with with the definition of racism.

The Merriam-Webster dictionary defines racism as:


I have never grown up as above, even though from South Africa regardless of what anti-Apartheid propaganda made people believe. I was taught by my parents to respect people regardless of where they came from. I treated and still treat people equally, and with respect, until they prove me otherwise. In short. Treat people the way you want to be treated.

I am not defending racism in any for or shape. True, raw racism that is. Hate in any form is bad. The “racism” I talk about is used by people as an excuse for whatever reason. Getting out a tough spot, victim hood, ignorance and in most cases it would seem the biggest users of the race card seems to be closet racists themselves. It is this “racism”, which seems to be prevalent in 90% of cases nowadays in modern society, which I am referring to.

Mass indoctrination of biased reporting resulted in hypocrisy over decades to the degree many people do not even recognize their own hypocrisy. They do not deal with issues equally, but enforce lob sided logic, due to this decade old biased brainwashing. Then again, taking the non-logic out there among the masses ruled by emotion, this article might go over the heads of some intellectually challenged individuals. I already encountered quite a few closed minded individuals who proved this experiment a huge “success”.

We currently live in a very hypocritical, and dumbed down society. Hypocritical in the sense that some rules apply to certain people, and the same rules, not to the rest. Animal Farm indeed. Incidentally this comes from the (liberal) left wing part of society specifically in the media. You will notice that I’ve put  “liberal” between brackets.

The reason for this is that liberalism is not what it used to be. The middle shifted to the left, which shifted liberals like myself to the right. These neo-liberals are by far not balanced, and very biased. Pointing out their hypocrisy and double standards, of course gets  you “obviously called by this group  (***rolling eyes***) a “right winger” or “racist”. The left wing, due to it’s ideological Marxist motives of power, are the biggest instigators of racism in the media as only reporting bias in order to push for a revolution. Without race, the left has no purpose. It’s not about treating all people the same, not about the truth, not about balance or fairness, but as good opportunists, using race, to fire up emotion, to push it’s goal of power. Again, the Marxist left, are not liberals.

Left wing strategy works on the principle, people are not moved by fact or reason, but manipulated by emotion.




I am a classic liberal, live and let live.  I am someone who believe in equal rights of all people, no matter what race, religion or sex. At the same time I also love my history, my culture and my identity. I believe in integrity and principles where wrong is wrong. Whether something was wrong in the past, or wrong now, it’s still wrong. I don’t change my tune to fit in with a narrow minded biased view, because race is a deciding factor. I see myself as a-political and judge individual cases on facts, also taking in the human aspect, but i do not let my heart govern my brain.

This hypocrisy is what many left wing biased reporters are doing today. Wrong to me is not left or right, black or white. It is colorless and balanced! Nobody should ever monopolize injustice. If they do, they are not worth their journalistic salt. True journalists report balance and are bound by code of ethics. Many left wing journalists are bound by bias and their personal agendas. Integrity and ethics don’t mean anything to them, unless it’s a sensationalist story that fit into their agenda. Many “racists” I know, labelled so by the leftwing, are married to people of different races, have adopted children from different races, are gay, are atheist, but because they do not fit the left wing narrative, they are “right wing racists”. The left is underestimating the groups and individuals whom they are alienating because of their sick ideology. People are not stupid.

Values and beliefs are what unites conservative people regardless of race, religion or sexuality.

Many of these hypocritical left wingers only report on issues that fits in with their narrative on race. They sacrifice truth, ethics, neutrality at the expense of half truths, lies and ideology. If a black person is treated wrongly, I agree with the black person. So does the left wing. If a white person is treated badly, I support the white person. Well, here’s where it gets interesting. Not the left wing though. They support the black aggressor. Their articles then also reflect this bias. Their bias is pushing a half truth, as the whole truth, but not reporting on things equally. The unsuspecting reader accept the half truth as fact, as still believing the media will inform them. Those days are long gone.

Here is a great example of left wing journalistic bias to push ideology.

Some of my biggest role models are African-Americans, as there are many true leaders which base their values on integrity. Not ideology and hypocrisy like the left wing which is obsessed with race as long as it fits their narrative. Sadly, a group of leaders South Africa lacks, and more so to lead by example.. Great black American leaders are Deneen Borelli, Alan West and Wayne Dupree among many others.

At no time in history, has the media had so much power as in modern times with television and radio. The internet does give some balance, if you make an effort….. The difference  with making an effort, and just taking information in, is, most people accept the television and radio as total truth, being systematically spoon fed like little babies. Not questioning anything, but accepting everything unabated. The left hates debate, as a debate on facts, and not emotion, calls them out on their hypocrisy. For the left, facts are “racist”.  Truth seekers do research, as they know most of the information given to them are lies to create a false perception of reality. Ignorance is power, and those who control the media, controls ignorance, in order to stay in power. Are you a truth seeker, or a lie em-bracer?

Another great experiment done by a documentary film maker by the name of Craig Bodeker is a project asking people about race. Bodeker makes a great point that nobody seems to know what racism is anymore. It’s become a word being thrown around like a cliche to evoke sympathy. A fashionable word that stirs up emotions like some people would react to Kim Kardashians hairdo. For example, looking at someone, might not be looking at them because you think you might know them from somewhere, but quite possibly in the mind of the other person, because you’re a racist, depending on the race of the people involved.

So who am I? I am an Afrikaner that belongs to a small minority that happens to be white and living in Africa. (Though many Afrikaners due to their skin colour would be classified as “black” in the US or other countries) My ethnic group also belong to the UNPO.org, an organisation for minorities worldwide. Many human rights abuses are being committed against my people, but due to the left wing narrative on race, “We” cannot be victims. My people are the biggest target of hate crimes in South Africa, yet, according to the left wing, not one single hate crime EVER occurred, even when facts tell a different story. The matter has become so serious, that the United Nations will be investigating South Africa. (See link bel0w)





What is Black Privilege?



Hate Crimes South Africa: Journalists not interested in human suffering, when not fitting their narrative on Marxist ideology



Why the Battle of Blood River? Rewind…



United Nations to investigate South Africa for ‘genocide’



 Who is the Afrikaner?



As usual the left wing throw around their buzz words like there’s no tomorrow, like it’s going out of fashion. Leftists are very tolerant as long as you agree with them. If not, they try and silence alternative opinions with their special word. They hate critical thought, as then people might question things. Conformity is the buzz word. I am a non conformist. An  individual. “Racism”, is a loaded word that lost its meaning. It means a zillion things to 10 people. To me it means hating a whole race of people. I treat people as individuals, and if anyone of any race makes me angry, I treat them like I would treat anyone in that situation. To the left, should i be angry at a person of another race, immediately I am deemed a “racist”. Make sure you watch video at bottom to see what I mean.

Left wingers, first look at the race of the person, before they decide how they will treat them, or if they will write a story if they are a journalist. Sensationalism and opportunism rules leftwing journalists.  They also look at the race of the victim, or perpetrator, before making a judgment. I treat people the way I want to be treated. With respect, until they prove me otherwise.




I love all people from all walks of life, I house shared with gay people, Asians and black people from all over the world in my travels. We shared the same outlook and values in life. I have lived with, and experienced many different cultures in my travels, with which I shared interesting stories with. My travels are extensive and my experiences of cultures and races are very diverse and open minded. Though I might not agree with something, life has taught me people don’t have to agree 100%. People can still respect each other, and be friends. My story about South Africa, and the Afrikaner minority struggle against hate crimes, is a story being spread far and wide. Time is our friend as we are getting more support. The world gets educated around what is happening in South Africa and the media being drunk on power and bias. South Africa once again will find it on the wrong side of history, thanks to the lefts obsession in suppressing human rights abuses. History has taught us those who suppress injustice, will lose.


All tyranny needs to gain a foothold is for people of good conscience to remain silent. – Edmund Burke


Taking I love the truth, facts and equal rights fighting injustice, and specifically giving a voice to minorities of all races in South Africa which are now victimized and sidelined, I take pleasure to be called a racist by the hypocritical left wing. Let me state. Racism is wrong, true racism that is.

A group of people which I find very narrow minded and feeds off, and spreads ignorance. due to biased one sided reporting. Leftwing, is a codeword for Hypocrisy

If wanting equal rights, speaking up for minorities in South Africa regardless of race, religion or sex, who do not have a voice because they are not Marxist leaning, or speaking up against injustice, makes me a “racist” or “right winger”, then I embrace my “racist” label, and wear it with pride.

If you have read this far. Well done! You are open minded, willing to find out more, regardless a controversial subject line. This little social experiment was to see if some people will read, or will be stopped by certain terms. It proves that some people are so controlled by words, that they immediately assume the worst, and act differently.

It warms my heart if it comes from leftwing hypocrites. (Closet racists who do not want to report on injustices if it involves people of a certain race.)

Exit journalistic ethics, balance and integrity out the window.

Now watch this racial social experiment on how people act on racism, when roles are changed depending on the aggressor.

Note to our enemies:

We own the internet. We swapped our rifles for mice, and our battlefield is the internet. With our mice and our internet connections, we will expose your hypocrisy – Henri Le Riche (AfrikanerPatriot.com)


Afrikaner Freedom Flag



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